Complete with heater, filter, tank cleaner, net, plants, decorative rocks and some food
I bought this for my lovely girl dog but she never got to use it. It is brand new in the box and is 20" x 11".
These are all in great condition and are very well priced. 3 fridge magnets, brand new water bowl, ass't grooming items, brand new unopened 'Stress Gold' liquid for high stress situations (made by Pet Wellbeing), and large Thundershirt. Sadly we lost our good girl dog just before her 13th birthday. She had a lot of anxiety and these items helped to keep her calm in difficult situations, ie: tra...

Dog Crate

Great choice dog crate, it s in basically new condition, my puppy was only in this for 2 or 3 car trips comes with crate mat Measurements: 28in (L) x 20.5in (W) x 21.2in (H)